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Introducing the Orion Insect Killer Lamp – the ultimate solution for effectively eliminating flying insects in your home or business. Designed with advanced technology and efficiency in mind, this lamp combines attractive UV light with a powerful glue board to lure and capture flies, mosquitoes, and other flying pests.

The Orion Lamp features a sleek and modern design, making it an attractive addition to any indoor or outdoor space. Its high-intensity UV light attracts flying insects, drawing them towards the lamp with irresistible allure.

Equipped with a specially designed glue board attached to the back of the lamp, the Orion  ensures that once flying insects are lured in by the light, they become securely trapped upon contact with the adhesive surface. This dual-action approach effectively eliminates flying pests without the need for harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Easy to set up and maintain, the Orion  is the perfect solution for keeping your living or working space free from flying insects. Simply plug in the lamp, switch it on, and let its powerful UV light and adhesive glue board do the rest.

Say goodbye to annoying flying insects with the Orion Insect Killer Lamp. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home or business is protected from unwanted pests, allowing you to relax and enjoy your surroundings without interruption.