Secret Garden MINI

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A practical, innovative, ready to use fruit fly monitoring trap. Easy, hygienic and effective system to monitor and control fruit fly infestation.

Non toxic solution to be used indoors around food and drinks, making it ideal to commercial, residential and industrial premises such as bakeries, confectioneries, groceries, restaurants and similar locations.

  • Ready to Use
  • Fast service
  • Non toxic
  • Discreet
  • Decorative design
  • Effective
Target species

Drosophila Melamogaster

Drosophila Suzukii

  1. Remove the cap
  2. The trap is active. Place close to sources of infestation.
  3. 1 trap per 10 m2
  4. Replace after 3 weeks
  • Traps are most effective when placed near breeding sites
  • Hotel and lounges food vitrines
  • Close to food preparation sites
  • Under bar counter
  • Next to organic garbage disposal