Secret Garden Fruit Fly Trap

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Introducing our Secret Garden Fruit Fly Trap – the discreet and effective solution for controlling fruit fly infestations in your home. Crafted with simplicity and efficiency in mind, this trap resembles a charming garden decoration, blending seamlessly into your living space while effectively capturing fruit flies.

The Secret Garden Fruit Fly Trap features a durable and inconspicuous design, allowing it to discreetly trap fruit flies without detracting from your home decor. Its compact size and attractive appearance make it perfect for placement on countertops, kitchen islands, or any area where fruit flies are a nuisance.

To use the trap, simply fill it with our specially formulated lure, which attracts fruit flies. Once inside the trap, the insects become trapped and unable to escape, ensuring they are effectively controlled and preventing further infestations.

Say goodbye to annoying fruit flies with our Secret Garden Fruit Fly Trap. Enjoy the tranquility of your home knowing that your secret garden is working tirelessly to keep fruit fly pests at bay, allowing you to enjoy your living space without interruption.