Traditional mouse trap

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Introducing our Plastic Snap Trap – the modern twist on a traditional pest control solution. Crafted with durability and effectiveness in mind, this snap trap is designed to capture rodents with precision and reliability, while offering the convenience of a plastic construction.

The Plastic Snap Trap features a sturdy plastic base and trigger mechanism, providing a durable alternative to traditional wooden snap traps. Its robust design ensures that it can withstand the rigors of repeated use, while its lightweight construction makes it easy to set and deploy.

To use the trap, simply set the trigger mechanism and place it in areas where rodent activity has been observed, ensuring that the bait is securely positioned on the trigger. When a rodent attempts to retrieve the bait, the trigger mechanism is activated, swiftly closing the trap and capturing the rodent.

Say goodbye to pesky rodents with our Plastic Snap Trap. Whether you’re dealing with mice or rats, this trap offers a reliable and effective solution for keeping your home or business rodent-free.


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