APPLE trap

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Introducing our Apple Fruit Fly Trap – the eco-friendly solution for effectively controlling fruit fly infestations in your home or garden. Crafted from recycled materials and designed to resemble a ripe apple, this trap combines functionality with sustainability to provide a safe and efficient pest control solution.

The Apple Fruit Fly Trap is designed to lure fruit flies with a specially formulated attractant, drawing them into the trap where they become trapped and drown. Its realistic apple design not only enhances its effectiveness as a lure but also adds a decorative touch to your living space or garden.

Made from recycled materials, our Apple Fruit Fly Trap embodies our commitment to environmental responsibility. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to reuse the trap season after season while minimizing waste.

Simple to use and easy to maintain, the Apple Fruit Fly Trap is the perfect solution for controlling fruit fly infestations in kitchens, pantries, and outdoor spaces. Say goodbye to annoying fruit flies and hello to a cleaner, more pest-free environment with our Apple Fruit Fly Trap.