Fly Catcher Wasp & Fly

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Introducing our Fly and Wasp Trap, the ultimate solution for keeping your outdoor spaces free from bothersome flying insects. Designed with a special lure that irresistibly attracts flies and wasps, this trap offers effective pest control without the need for harmful chemicals.

Simply hang the trap in areas where flies and wasps tend to gather, such as near garbage bins, outdoor dining areas, or patio corners. The potent lure inside emits a scent that mimics the insects’ natural food sources, drawing them into the trap.

Once inside, the insects are unable to escape, thanks to the trap’s clever design. Made from durable materials, our Fly and Wasp Trap can withstand outdoor conditions and continue to capture pests throughout the season.

Say goodbye to buzzing pests and enjoy your outdoor spaces in peace with our Fly and Wasp Trap – the eco-friendly and efficient way to keep flies and wasps at bay.