Robait Flat

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Introducing the Ro-bait Flat Bait Station – an eco-conscious and versatile solution for effective pest control. Crafted from recycled materials, this bait station embodies sustainability while providing superior functionality to tackle rodent infestations.

Designed to accommodate various baiting methods, including fresh bait, liquid bait, blocks, granules, glue boards, and snap traps, the Ro-bait Flat Bait Station offers unmatched versatility to address diverse rodent control needs.

Its oval shape and sturdy construction ensure durability and stability, making it suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor environments. The secure locking mechanism guarantees that bait and traps remain inaccessible to non-target animals, ensuring safe and effective pest management.

Setting up the Ro-bait Flat Bait Station is effortless. Simply place it in areas where rodents are active, insert your preferred baiting method or trap, and securely lock the station to prevent tampering.

Take a proactive approach to rodent control with the Ro-bait Flat Bait Station – the eco-friendly and multifunctional solution for keeping your environment free from unwanted pests.