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Introducing the GP30 Lamp – the powerful solution for eliminating flying insects in larger indoor or outdoor spaces. Building on the success of our GP15 model, the GP30 offers increased coverage and effectiveness, making it ideal for areas with higher insect activity.

Equipped with a high-intensity UV light, the GP30 attracts flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects from a greater distance, drawing them towards the lamp for swift elimination. Once lured in, the insects are captured by a specially designed adhesive glue board attached to the back of the lamp, ensuring they are securely trapped and unable to escape.

With its larger size and enhanced performance, the GP30 Lamp provides reliable insect control for larger spaces, such as warehouses, barns, patios, and more. Say goodbye to annoying flying insects and enjoy a pest-free environment with the GP30 Insect Killing Lamp.