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Introducing the Gotxa Cardboard Rodent Bait Station  – an innovative and eco-friendly solution for controlling rodent infestations in your home or business. Crafted from durable cardboard material, these bait stations offer effective rodent control while minimizing environmental impact.

What sets the Gotxa series apart is its easy assembly process. Each bait station comes with pre-scored cardboard panels that can be quickly and effortlessly folded into shape, requiring no additional glue or tape for assembly. This feature ensures hassle-free setup, allowing you to deploy the bait stations in minutes without any extra tools or materials.

Once assembled, the Gotxa bait stations feature a sturdy design with secure locking tabs to keep the station intact and prevent tampering. The spacious interior accommodates both block and liquid baits, providing versatility in rodent control methods.

Simply place the bait stations in areas where rodent activity has been observed, such as along walls, in corners, or near entry points. The discreet design of the bait stations allows them to blend seamlessly into any environment while effectively controlling rodent infestations.

Say goodbye to rodent infestations with the Gotxa Cardboard Rodent Bait Station. With their easy assembly, durable construction, and effective rodent control capabilities, these bait stations offer a convenient and environmentally friendly solution for keeping your home or business rodent-free.


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