MCT metal mini

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Introducing our Mct metal mini – the humane solution for trapping rodents without causing harm. Crafted from durable metal, this bait station is designed to safely capture rodents alive, allowing for their humane removal and release back into their natural habitat.

The Mct metal mini features a sturdy construction with a secure locking mechanism to prevent escape once the rodent has entered. Its spacious interior provides ample room for bait placement, enticing rodents to enter and trigger the trap mechanism.

Once trapped inside the station, the rodent remains unharmed, allowing for its safe and humane removal. The design of the bait station ensures that the rodent is securely contained until it can be released back into the wild, far from your home or business.

Say goodbye to harmful rodent control methods and hello to humane pest management with our Mct metal mini. Protect your property while treating rodents with compassion and respect with this humane trapping solution.