Glueboards Gotxa

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Introducing the Gotxa Glue Board – your versatile solution for trapping both rodents and bugs with ease. Crafted from durable paper infused with a powerful adhesive, this glue board offers reliable performance in capturing unwanted pests.

Designed to effectively trap rodents and bugs alike, the Gotxa Glue Board provides a non-toxic and eco-friendly method of pest control. Its adhesive surface ensures that pests are securely trapped upon contact, preventing their escape and minimizing the risk of reinfestation.

Perfect for use in homes, offices, warehouses, and other indoor environments, the Gotxa Glue Board is discreet and easy to deploy. Simply place it in areas where pests are known to frequent, such as along walls, in corners, or near entry points.

With its convenient design and efficient trapping capabilities, the Gotxa Glue Board is a must-have tool for keeping your space pest-free. Say goodbye to rodents and bugs with confidence using our reliable and effective glue board trap.


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