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"Ana is very professional to work with and places great importance on quality and customer service. She is prepared to ‘think-outside-of-the-box’ to find solutions and has always shown great honesty and integrity in her business dealings. We started working with Ana over 15 years ago, based on a handshake agreement, that is honoured to this day. Ana is dedicated, self-motivated and very capable. She is also forward thinking and progressive."

Ana Francisco with Steve Broadbent

ENSYSTEX Regional Director – Australia, SE Asia, S Africa & Gulf Region

Ana Francisco with Steve Broadbent

"Ana Francisco has been supporting both our technical staff at Truly Nolen International and our more than 200 overseas offices for nearly a decade. Mrs. Ana Francisco has always forthcoming, motivated, determined, efficient and caring towards our needs and wants. She has always believe in us and made herself available to help and guide our operators everywhere. Being a Pest Control operators is very challenging in many of the countries we are in and Ana has always made our lives a little easier with her outstanding and unparalleled support. I can undoubtedly say it has been an honor to work with her throughout all these years. "

Marcus Rezende - Truly Nolen International

Marcus Rezende -  Truly Nolen International

"Ana Francisco is an amazing professional in pest control. She has the heart for the industry and over the years she has worked passionately to develop products that have made huge impact on the pest control industry around the world."

Raja Mahendran

International Pest Risk Manager & Business Consultant

Raja Mahendran